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Gen V takes the violent, gritty lens of The Boys and refocuses it on the young people of that world. What is it like to be a young Supe? How does it change your life? How do people respond to you? The series follows Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), a young woman with the power to control blood. As she joins Godolkin University, called God U by its students and faculty, she quickly learns that things are amiss. She and a small group of students band together and bond over their shared suspicion and trauma as they try to get to the root of corruption at the superhero school.

Each member of the cast represents some of the difficulties young people have to navigate to survive in the modern world. The same way that Spider-Man constantly reminds us of how much Peter Parker has to give up to be the guy with the coolest moves in Manhattan, Gen V never lets us forget about the trauma and sacrifices its characters are making, surviving, or reliving.

While Gen V is spun off from a storyline in The Boys comic, it isn’t pulling characters from that story one to one. This is a quick rundown of Marie Moreau and the other primary members of Gen V’s cast. Beware minor spoilers for Gen V Season 1, Episodes 1-6.