Google is finally entering the foldable game with the Pixel Fold.

The new book-style foldable is competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 in the West and has an excellent camera that the Pixel line is typically known for – you can read our full review of the Pixel Fold here.

If you want to know when you can get your hands on Google’s first ever foldable phone, then we have everything you need to know. We also have a buying guide for the mid-range phone, the Pixel 7a.  

What is the release date for the Pixel Fold? 

The Pixel Fold is out now in the US and UK.


Where to buy the Pixel Fold in the US 

In America, prices for the Pixel Fold start from $1799 for the 256GB version if you buy it in full.

Here is where to buy the Pixel Fold in the US: 



  • Verizon (from $49.99 per month) – Up to $900 with eligible trade-ins 
  • AT&T (from $25 per month) – Trade-in offers available
  • T-Mobile (from $60 per month) – Free Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Where to buy the Pixel Fold in the UK 

For UK readers, the Pixel Fold starts from £1749 for the 256GB version if you buy it outright – contract options will differ. 

Here is where you can get the Pixel Fold in the UK: 



  • O2 (from £58.67 per month, £30 upfront) – With three months of Disney+ or Apple Music 
  • Vodafone (from £67 per month, £49 upfront)
  • Three (from £43 per month, £85 upfront) 
  • EE (from £130 per month, £76 upfront)
  • (from £73.99 per month, £49 upfront)
  • iD Mobile (from £65.99 per month, £299 upfront)
  • Carphone Warehouse (from £71.99 per month, £49 upfront)