The game is currently sitting with a Metascore of 75, many outlets seem to be in general agreement — it’s another fun ‘one of those.’ We’ve got great affection for the Wii entry, so it was heartening to take hold of the Form Baton once more (sorry, Form Stones in this one) and get posing.

Poll: What Review Score Would You Give WarioWare: Move It? 3Images: Nintendo Life / Nintendo, Nintendo

But what are your thoughts on the game? If you’ve picked up the game at launch, we’re keen to hear how you’ve got on with it over the weekend.

Feel free to vote in the poll below and let us know. Remember that a vote below counts towards the game’s user score in our database, but it’s not set in stone. If you want to give WarioWare a preliminary score now and revise it later, you absolutely can! Simply head to the game’s page and change your rating.

What score would you give WarioWare: Move It! (Switch)? (16 ratings)

  1. 10 – Outstanding19%
  2. 9 – Excellent13%
  3. 8 – Great19%
  4. 7 – Good13%
  5. 6 – Not Bad13%
  6. 5 – Average  0%
  7. 4 – Poor6%
  8. 3 – Bad  0%
  9. 2 – Terrible6%
  10. 1 – Abysmal13%

Got thoughts on this video game that can’t be distilled to a mere number? Funny, that. Feel free to let rip in the section below that we like to call ‘comments.’ Actually, we prefer ‘Elucidation Station’, but everyone looks at us weird when we call it that.

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