I didn’t see it mentioned, so I’ll point out the game has a lot of new options to tailor your experience.

You can individually scale the text for subtitles, objectives, and help text, which is obviously much appreciated on the handheld screen. I maxed them all out and think people will be pretty happy with how large you can make the text.

I also noticed other “options” such as the ability to toggle on golden guns, which not only looks cool but give more fame per kill than standard guns. This was originally only available by pre-order bonus or buying the golden gun DLC.

Audio options include headphones only mode, and the display options let you tinker with brightness, contrast, saturation, and you can toggle HUD elements off like maps and waypoints if you want more of a “Pro HUD” mode.

Additionally, it looks like most of the cheats are already unlocked for you, and you can toggle them on pretty much from the start of the game, which include cheats for notoriety, weather, dead-eye, and some others I haven’t played with yet. I believe you still need to manually enter some of the more powerful cheats, such as invincibility and unlocking all areas, but it’s still nice a lot are unlocked already.

Lastly, and this may only be important to a select few, you get the “Gentlemen’s Attire” outfit (white suit with white gloves) after completing the first few missions automatically. I mention this because originally, you would be required to link your Rockstar account in order to unlock the outfit so it’s nice not to have to jump through hoops to get the suit because it looks very dapper.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my purchase and am pleasantly surprised the digital version is only 11.4 GB.