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  • Five charging ports
  • 300W total output
  • 140W PD 3.1 port
  • Compact

Our Verdict

The Ugreen Nexode 300W is undeniably a powerful GaN charger. You can connect multiple devices to it and watch them charge quickly and efficiently. If we’re going to complain about anything, and we will, it’s that the price is undeniably awesome as well. On the other hand, you are replacing multiple wall chargers with a single desktop one.

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When we unpack it, it’s clear that the Ugreen Nexode 300W Charger is an incredibly compact unit for what it offers in terms of powering multiple large devices. Despite its relatively small size, it does weigh a lot: just over 860 grams. But that’s the thing about GaN chargers: they’re compact and can deliver plenty of watts to your electricity-hungry gadgets.

According to Ugreen, this is the world’s first GaN charger that manages to pump out 300W. That’s undeniably a lot of power to handle and, as with any charger, there’s a risk of overheating, especially given the compact size. But this one has a built-in thermal monitoring system that reads the temperature every half second to prevent overheating.

And the system works well. I plugged in two Mac laptops, an iPad Pro and an iPhone. After a couple of hours, the charger was still cool, the temperature difference was marginal. Not bad at all! More importantly, it delivers as much power as it claims.

Watts, lovely watts

The Ugreen 300 Watt GaN Charger has four USB-C (one at 240W-supporting PD 3.1) and one USB-A. You can get a full 140W out of the first USB-C port. If you have a MacBook Pro 14 or 16, you can thus charge it very quickly if you use Apple’s MagSafe cable.

If you choose to use all the ports, the power is distributed as follows: 140/65/45/20/22.5W. If you have fewer devices connected, some of the ports provide more power. The second and third USB-C ports can go up to 100W.

With its compact size of 111.6 x 95.35 x 53mm, you can actually pack this when travelling. There’s no bulky power supply to lug around, but it does require a C5 cable, which is included in the box along with a USB-C cable.

A C5 cable is required to power the Nexode 300W.

If you have a lot of gadgets that need charging and don’t want to wait hours for them to be fully charged, then the Ugreen 300W is definitely for you. In fact, it’s so good that you should replace all your chargers with this one, and it uses up just one wall power socket.

It costs $269.99/£269.99 and you can buy it directly as well as from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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This review originally appeared on M3.

Manufacturer: Ugreen
Model: Nexode 300W
Size: 111.6 x 95.3mm x 53 mm
Weight: Charger: 868 grams. Cord: 85 grams
Connections: 4 x usb c, 1 x usb a
Power: 300 watts