At San Diego Comic-Con 2023, AMC announced season 2 of The Walking Dead spin-off series about Daryl. From the beginning, the network had high hopes for the roguish hunter – and as it turned out, quite rightly so.

The series has been well-received by fans, with the change of setting and the introduction of new characters bringing fresh air to the universe.

If you want to know what’s in store for the future of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, we’ve rounded up what we know.

What is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2 called?

Season 2 of the spin-off will have a slightly different title: The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol. The change reflects the appearance of Daryl’s best friend, Carol Peletier, in the story. The title suggests that the characters will join forces and travel together through ravaged France.


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2 release date

So far, AMC hasn’t revealed an exact premiere date for season 2, but it is confirmed that it will debut in 2024.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2 cast

The following season will see the return of Norman Reedus as the fearless warrior and zombie slayer, Daryl Dixon. It is also confirmed that he will team up with Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier – in season 1, viewers saw the actress’ cameo announcing her comeback.

In the new episodes, the following cast members will return to their roles:

  • Clémence Poésy – Isabelle, a member of a religious group
  • Adam Nagaitis – Quinn, owner of a Parisian nightclub called Demimonde
  • Anne Charrier – Genet
  • Laika Blanc Francard – Sylvie
  • Romain Levi – Codron
  • Louis Puech Scigliuzzi – Laurent

The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon Laurent


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2 plot

The spin-off’s first season introduced viewers to a new, unfamiliar world of a post-apocalyptic Europe. Washed upon a shore and forced to travel through the country, Daryl came across a convent run by Sister Isabelle. He was sent on a mission to escort a boy named Laurent, who was supposed to be the last hope for saving humanity.

During the journey, Daryl, the nun and the boy established a thread of understanding. In season 2, we will likely see how this relationship develops. Unless Daryl decides to return to the US – but at this point, such a decision seems unlikely.

Of course, all indications are that Daryl will be joined by Carol, who was last seen in The Walking Dead finale. In the spin-off, viewers saw a scene in which she was trying to find some traces of Daryl. If she succeeds and discovers that the hunter is in Europe, she must find a way to cross the ocean.

The series’ second season will likely see the development of conflict between the Union of Hope and Genet’s Pouvoir des Vivants.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 2 trailer

AMC has released a brief teaser for the upcoming season.

How to watch The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon series in the UK

There is no information on when the series will premiere in the UK or where it will be available to stream.

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