And now that you’ve read and watched all of this, here’s what everyone else is saying about Wonder so far. Starting off with GoNintendo, Editor-in-Chief Kevin Cassidy called it the “2D evolution the series needs”:

“Even with my short time with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, I have less than zero doubt this title will live up to that high-water mark for the franchise, and with ease. Of course, the question is will Super Mario Bros. Wonder surpass the series’ best 2D outings? I’ll need a lot more hands-on time with the final version of the game to find that out, but based on what I’ve seen and done so far, I’d say the odds are pretty damn good.”

God is a Geek called the preview of Wonder “magical”:

“Super Mario Bros Wonder appears destined to be revered in the same way we speak about past Mario adventures we have grown up loving, sprinkled as it is with the same timeless, magical sense of, well, wonder.”

Pocket Tactics noted how this new entry was truly committed to “fresh ideas”:

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder is forging a strong sense of personality of its own, and its clear commitment to fresh ideas is just so, so, refreshing to see. Rules are being broken everywhere…Wonder feels like a tightrope walk of nostalgia and new ideas, and it’s one that Nintendo is walking incredibly well.”

Metro Game Central said Wonder was likely a game-of-the-year contender and also called it a “return to form” for the 2D Mario series:

“It’s going to be a cliché before we even get to the review stage but to state the obvious, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is wonderful. A return to form for the series, that seems to be easily the best 2D Nintendo platformer since Yoshi’s Island in 1995. Maybe it’ll even end up as better, but we’ll have to play the whole game to know that – a prospect which we couldn’t be more excited about.”

And GamesRadar+ news writer Hope Bellingham said was going to be easy to get hooked on the magic of Wonder:

“I may have only visited Mario’s new world briefly, but I’m already counting down the days until I get to play more. There’s so many levels, characters, and Badges in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that I didn’t get to explore, so it’s got me excited to not only play the full game, but to also play it again as other characters, and with friends and family. I can already tell that I’m about to get as obsessed with this game as I did with New Super Mario Bros. back in 2006.”

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on 20th October. Have these previews sold you on the game yet? Tell us in the comments.

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