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Developer AstralShift has shared the debut trailer for its horror adventure RPG Little Goody Two Shoes — which looks cute and dainty on the surface, but there’s a sinister root running through this forest.

Published by Square Enix Collective, Little Goody Two Shoes is the prequel to AstralShift’s cult RPG Maker title Pocket Mirror — which is available on Inspired by fairy tales (we’re getting The Red Shoes and Little Red Riding Hood, here) you play as Elise, a young girl who dreams of becoming rich. One day, she finds a pair of shoes in her garden, but these shoes seem to bring her more than just a fashionable spring in her step…

Sporting some rather lovely pixel art animation and retro-style anime cutscenes, Little Goody Two Shoes looks whimsical, unusual, and actually a little bit terrifying. A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we can share all of the details on the game from the developer’s website, along with some screenshots:

There once was Elise, a vibrant and ambitious young lass with a big dream – becoming filthy rich. In spite of this, the stars didn’t seem to have reserved our protagonist much fortune in life. Elise, who came from humble beginnings, had no choice but to spend her days away assisting her fellow neighbours with menial tasks to make a living.

One day, Elise discovers a pair of beautiful shiny red shoes buried in her backyard – what a surprise! Bewitched, Elise embarks on a fearful journey that pulls her closer and closer into the heart of the mysterious Woods!

Will Elise risk it all for the sake of a dream come true, or settle for her humble day-to-day life? The ending of this tale is yours to write…

Images: Square Enix Collective

Square Enix Collective is Square Enix’s indie game publishing division which has brought titles like Forgotton Anne and The Turing Test to Switch. So, with its keen eye for variety and unusual stories, we think Little Goody Two Shoes could be a really interesting experience.

What do you think of Little Goody Two Shoes? Have you played Pocket Mirror on PC before? Slip into the comments.