Sea of Thieves Season 10 is here, and with that comes a whole new season, Plunder Pass, Rare’s version of a battle pass. As usual, the latest Plunder Pass comes with a wide variety of cosmetics as well as lots of currency to spend in-game. It is worth mentioning if it’s your first time loading into Sea of Thieves, everything you unlock in the plunder pass is purely for cosmetic purposes and gives you no upper hand whatsoever.

The majority of the items in the Plunder Pass can be unlocked for free, but there are a handful of things that are locked behind a paywall. Below, you’ll find a list of all the currencies you can earn in the Season 10 Plunder Pass:

  • Gold Pouch: 23
  • Gold Pile: 9
  • Gold Chest: 11
  • Ancient Coin Hoard: 10
  • Ancient Coin Cache: 18
  • Doubloon Stash: 8
  • Big O’ Doubloons: 8
  • Doubloon Trove: 4

How much is the Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass?

To purchase the Plunder Pass, you’ll need to spend 999 Ancient Coins (Rare’s premium currency), which equates to $10, though Game Pass subscribers get it for 10% off, or $9. You can earn a handful of Ancient Coins just by leveling up the free portion of the Plunder Pass, but it won’t be enough for you to purchase it.

What’s in the Sea of Thieves Season 10 Plunder Pass?

The current Plunder Pass is heavily inspired by the Stormfish, the aquatic animal that can be caught while fishing in thunderstorms. At tier one, you’ll unlock the Stormfish Chaser Hat, at tier 10, you’ll earn the Stormfish Chaser Cannon Flare. As you get further into the Plunder Pass, you’ll begin to unlock other cosmetics, such as the Stormfish Chaser Hook at tier 50 and the Stormfish Chaser Jacket at tier 90. Here’s every cosmetic for your ship or swashbuckler you’ll find this season.