The Samsung Galaxy S22 range are a few months old now, but they’re still the flagship phones to beat.

Most of the big design changes have been reserved for the high-end S22 Ultra, but its smaller siblings are still proving to be popular. The cautious upgrades here aren’t a bad thing, considering the S21 and S21+ consistently ranked among the best Android phones you can buy.

Key upgrades on both phones include a new chipset – that’s the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in some markets (including the US) and Samsung’s own Exynos 2200 in Europe and elsewhere. Cameras are also a major focus, with new 50Mp main and 10Mp telephoto alongside the 12Mp ultrawide.

After opting for plastic on last year’s regular Galaxy S21, both the S22 and S22+ are glass-backed. This makes them more feel more premium, but potentially vulnerable to damage or slipping out of your hand.

A top-quality case addresses both these concerns, helping the phone to look good in the process. There’s a wealth of choice out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to eight of the best you can buy right now.

We’ve been able to test most of these for ourselves, but will indicate where that’s not the case.

Samsung Smart Clear View – Best Official

The Smart Clear View Cover (known as the S-View Flip Cover in the US) has been available with previous generations of Samsung flagships, and it’s easy to see why.

It combines all-round protection with extra functionality you won’t find elsewhere. The small section of display that remains exposed can be used to answer calls, check notifications and see battery life. This can be customised with a watch face and design of your choosing.

A subtle raised edging means it’s safe even when landing face-down, while all the ports and external buttons are also protected. It even has an antimicrobial coating, helping to keep the case as clean as possible.

With a choice of Black (pictured), White or Burgundy models, there’s something for everyone. The link above allows you to choose between the S22 and S22+ versions, as well as see Samsung’s full case line-up for the phones.

UAG Pathfinder – Best Rugged

UAG Pathfinder Samsung Galaxy S22+ Case

  • Fits S22+
  • Also available for S22 in UK and US

If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) cases are always a great option. Our pick of the bunch is the Pathfinder, which offers excellent protection without the bulk you’d usually associate with rugged cases.

Using a combination of polycarbonate, hard plastic and TPU rubber, the case has been tested to provide 16ft (4.8m) drop protection – this covers all common situations for most people. From seeing it in person, there’s no reason to doubt this claim. 

The industrial design isn’t for everyone, although the Silver pictured can be swapped out for Black, Mallard (dark blue) or Olive Drab (dark green). You also get two small holes at the bottom to attach a lanyard. 

If this isn’t quite enough protection for you, the UAG Monarch will keep your phone safe from drops up to 20ft (6m).

Spigen Neo Hybrid – Most Stylish

Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in UK and US

Spigen is a regular in our case round-ups, and with good reason. While we usually feature some of its rugged cases, the Neo Hybrid proves the company can deliver excellent protect and look great in the process.

Its two-tone design consists of both flexible TPU and tough polycarbonate, which helps the case deliver military-grade protection. Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology is also here, helping to absorb any impact to all four corners of the device. 

However, design is the big appeal here. The Neo Hybrid’s sleek patterned design belies its affordable price point, adding plenty of extra grip in the process. It also adds barely any bulk to the device. 

We haven’t been able to test this case for ourselves yet, but can confidently recommend it based on the success of previous models.

Casetify Impact – Most Customisable

Casetify Impact Custom Samsung Galaxy S22+ Case

  • Fits S22+
  • Also available for S22 in UK and US

Casetify’s Impact case offers the best clear protection for the S22 range, preserving the phone’s attractive design in the process. 

However, the big appeal here is the range of customisation options. After choosing between a Black (pictured), Clear and Pink frame, you can then add any name or word you like. There are a range of fonts and colours available, as well as six distinct layouts.

With drop protection up to 6.6ft and raised bezels to protect the screen, it’s effective at keeping your phone safe too. Casetify also has its eye on the environment – the Impact case is made from 65% recycled and plant-based materials,.

For even more stunning designs, check out the Impact Crush case.

Torro Leather – Best Folio

Torro Leather Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in UK and US

If you’d rather something that looks and feels more premium, look no further than Torro. Its cases are hand-crafted from high-quality cowhide leather, which combines with a durable TPU phone holder for excellent all-round protection. 

Card slots opposite the phone means this can double as a wallet, while satisfying magnetic clasps ensure it doesn’t open automatically. Impressively, this case is still compatible with Qi wireless charging, with all ports still accessible too.

The classic black design with red trim (pictured) takes some beating, but it’s also available in brown if you’d prefer. Do bear in mind that Torro are a UK company, so international shipping may be expensive.

Samsung Protective Standing Cover – Great Design

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Protective Standing Cover

  • Fits S22+
  • Also available for S22 in UK and US

There’s lots of choice when it comes to official S22 cases, but it’s worth specifically highlighting the Protective Standing Cover. As the name suggests, this combines two features that are often important to prospective case buyers: great protection and a built-in kickstand. 

The former meets military-grade standards for drop protection – that’s from at least 1.5 metres onto a steel surface. It achieves this while adding relatively little bulk to the device. 

If you ever watch videos on your phone and want to go hands-free, a kickstand is the best option. The one here is able to tilt the S22 at comfortable viewing angles of 45 or 60 degrees. It can be detached at any time and swapped out for a different design – there are lots to choose from.

While we haven’t been able to test this case for ourselves, the Navy model is particularly eye-catching in photos. However, it’s currently out of stock, with the white version pictured the only one that’s available.

Nudient Thin Case for Samsung Galaxy S22

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in UK and US

Now in its third generation, Nudient continues to set the standard for great cases that add barely any bulk to your device.

The most likely compromise is protection, but that’s not the case here. This hard polycarbonate shell helps it to repel most drops and bumps, especially around the corners and camera module. Meanwhile, soft fabric on the inside keeps the phone well padded.

There are also a range of dynamic colours to choose from. The Midwinter Blue pictured is our favourite, but it’s also available in Ink Black, Pine Green, Clay Beige, Dusty Pink, Saffron Yellow or Sangria Red. Full wireless charging compatibility is also maintained.

Atom Studios Touch Silicone – Most Grippy

Atom Studios Touch Silicone Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in UK

With a glass back, the S22 phones could easily slip out of your hands or pocket. Atom Studios emphatically addresses that concern with the Touch Silicone case, which adds plenty of extra grip while still looking the part. 

It’s only available in the black pictured, but the minimalist design looks excellent in person. The choice of silicone means it’s both flexible and durable, passing Atom Studios’ internal testing for drops and bumps.

On the inside of the case, you’ll find soft-touch microfibre, which protects the phone should there be any impact. A 1mm raised edge helps keep the screen safe, while the case doesn’t sacrifice full NFC and wireless charging compatibility, 

This case isn’t available in the US just yet, but Atom Studios expects to be launching there very soon.

Peak Design Everyday – Most Versatile

Peak Design Everyday Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in UK and US

Peak Design’s Everyday case adds genuinely useful functionality to the S22 phones without compromising on protection.

Made from a tough polycarbonate and TPU blend, it protects the full perimeter of the phone and the display, thanks to some subtle raised edges. The case also looks the part, with a nylon canvas exterior that helps it stand out from the crowd. 

But the real appeal of this case are the built-in magnets, which allow it to connect to a wide range of Peak Design mounts. However, it’s not compatible with reverse wireless charging.

Zagg Denali – Most Eye-Catching

Zagg Denali Case for Samsung Galaxy S22+

  • Fits S22+
  • Also available for S22 in UK and US

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your phone, Zagg’s Denali case is a great choice.

A mostly black exterior hides the fact that the interior is bright orange. This is still partly visible when the phone is in place, giving it a sophisticated aesthetic. 

Diagonal ridges on the back add plenty of extra grip, with D3O material ensuring it can survive a drop from up to 5 metres. You also retain full wireless charging support, despite the case adding very little bulk to the phone.

Mous Black Leather – Best Textured Leather

Mous Black Leather Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in UK and US

Torro’s leather folio is great for all-around protection, but what if you’re looking for a more traditional phone design?

That’s where Mous comes in. Its Black Leather offering still looks and feels premium, but without adding any significant bulk. It’s also compatible with several magnetic accessories thanks to the company’s AutoAlign+ technology.

But protection isn’t compromised here, with a tough hard shell keeping your phone safe from bumps and drops. The textured rear design means it adds a useful helping of grip, too.

Zagg Copenhagen – Most Environmentally-Friendly

Zagg Copenhagen Case for Samsung Galaxy S22

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in UK and US

Zagg’s Copenhagen case looks like many others, but its environmental credentials are what sets it apart. 

The case uses an eco-friendly version of D3O known as ‘D3O Bio’, which is made from 52% renewable resources. Meanwhile, it’s partly constructed using recycled plastics and uses materials which would otherwise have been discarded.

Protection is a key strength, staying safe from drops up to 13ft (just under 4m), while antimicrobial treatment reduces the prevalence of unwanted bacteria.

Copenhagen still supports wireless charging, remaining slim and lightweight. The case is also significantly more flexible than the hard shell Denali featured above.

UAG Civilian – Style and Substance

UAG Civilian Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

  • Fits S22
  • Also available for S22+ in US

It’s worth adding a second UAG case to this list, which proves the company can make rugged cases that still look very stylish.

The Civilian maintains the 20ft (6m) drop protection from some other cases, just with more of a sleek, modern design. That’s particularly apparent on the deep green Olive model we tested, but it’s also available in Black or Mallard (dark blue).

For the Civilian Series, UAG uses its own ‘HyperCush’ technology to dampen and disperse the energy created upon contact with another surface. Rather than a sudden impact to one part of the phone, it’s more evenly spread at a much lower level. Combined with the tough hard plastic shell, damage to your S22 is unlikely.

Impressively, the case weighs just 40g and adds very little bulk to the phone, considering the protection it offers.

However, it’s not available in the UK at the time of writing.

You’ve seen the cases, but what if you haven’t bought one of the phones yet? Our full guide on where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series provides all the information you need.

To learn more about the devices, we have a separate article running through everything you need to know about the the Galaxy S22 Series. You may also be interested in our full review of the Galaxy S22+.


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