So, how has this game been received elsewhere? The folks at Nintendo World Report have given the game a perfect score of 10 out of 10:

“At times it wears its SNES inspirations on its sleeves (and proudly), but it evolves the combat to a level of perfection. Every aspect of the game is fun, or emotional, or tantalizingly brain-teasing”

Siliconera also gave Sea of Stars top marks:

“Sea of Stars is a lovely, heartfelt game with a cast of well-realized characters, a fun battle system, and a world begging to be explored.”

Our colleagues at Push Square thought the game was “great” and awarded it 8 out of 10 – mentioning how it was “immensely enjoyable from start to finish”:

“While it’s been inspired by various classic RPGs, it sets itself apart with an engaging story, some brilliant characters, and surprisingly deep lore. On top of that, the combat is great fun thanks to its involving, strategic mechanics, and exploring the gorgeous pixelated world is rewarding. It isn’t perfect, but it overcomes any flaws with its charming presentation, a world ripe with things to see and do, and no shortage of personality.”

The team at Game Informer gave it 9 out of 10, noting how impressed it was Sea of Star’s modernisation of the genre:

“Annoyances that hindered early games that inspired Sea of Stars are nowhere to be seen. Simple actions like moving around the world feel great, the story picks up quickly, and farming experience is effectively unnecessary. It all leads to a smooth, consistently thrilling adventure with fun combat, all in a gorgeous and inviting world.”

God Is A Geek gave it another perfect score, labelling it “easily one of the best RPGs”:

“The combat is engaging from start to finish, the characters are delightfully charming and the game looks and sounds incredible. It’s a busy time for video games, but there’s simply no excuse for you not to play this landmark RPG as soon as possible.”

And last but not least, our friends at Pure Xbox awarded it an “outstanding” 10 out of 10:

“Sea of Stars is an exhilarating and absorbing indie gem that serves up delightfully clever turn-based RPG action in a world that’s packed full of great characters, fun puzzles and genuine emotional heft.”

Will you be checking out Sea of Stars on the Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment below.

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