So, what did the other outlets think? Starting off with IGN, it said it offered more of the same:

“If you’re considering The Teal Mask because you thought Scarlet and Violet were fun and just want more Pokemon, sure, this DLC will give you that”

The Verge summed it up as a “short, sweet reminder” of Scarlet and Violet’s real potential:

“The Teal Mask doesn’t solve many of Scarlet and Violet’s core gameplay issues, and people hoping for a drastic overhaul are going to be rather disappointed. But playing the DLC at a time when the rumors about a Switch follow-up have shifted into “it’s getting serious” territory is especially fun because you can see clearly how beefier hardware could really work wonders for Scarlet and Violet and how the more Kitikami-like approach to design might be what makes next big Pokémon game shine.”

Kotaku said the new DLC embodies “the best and worst parts” of the base game, but felt much the DLC experience was holding out for the Indigo Disk:

“The final scene of the DLC, which I won’t spoil here, did at least hint that these smaller stories may soon escalate into something larger, and given how well Scarlet and Violet’s writing has handled stories of trauma, especially that felt by children, I’m really eager to see how Game Freak concludes this story in the next download.”

CGMagazine called it a “worthy field trip”:

“Despite its flaws, The Teal Mask DLC, with its fresh setting and intriguing side quests, amplifies the experience of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet—perfect for those seeking a return trip to the vibrant world of Paldea.”

And Digital Trends didn’t mind the first DLC, but felt it didn’t do enough to address the main game’s biggest problems:

“Though those technical deficiencies only get more disappointing with each release, it’s a testament to the power of Pokémon that I still breezed through Teal Mask’s main story in one sitting. There’s an inherent joy in collecting new monsters and watching my Pokédex fill up. Even in the franchise’s weakest moments, that loop I loved as a kid still retains its power here.”

What are your own impressions of the Teal Mask so far? Let us know in the comments.

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