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Sea of Stars got off to a fantastic start in August with sales of the title greatly exceeding first-year sales projections. Now, to follow up on this success, developer Sabotage has released an update across all platforms including the Switch.

The latest patch comes with a bunch of fixes and adjustments. Here’s the full rundown (via Sea of Stars social media):

– Fixed a softlock that could occur when using Hurl Smash to break locks against a certain final boss
– Fixed a glitch that could occur when swapping the party leader while standing on a pressure plate
– Fixed a trigger that could cause Khukharr’s dialog to start when returning from a fast travel
– Added a check to prevent a conflict when attempting to start flying on the exact same frame as landing in boat form
– Sea of Nightmare: added a check to prevent initiating combat while a crystal break cutscene is playing
– Sunken Ruins: moved the stone activation cutscene to trigger after opening the chest rather than after beating the boss, to fix rare occurrences of it not activating when completed before Elysan’darëlle
– Adjusted raft collisions in Half-Sunken Tower area
– Adjusted collisions in Moraine’s office (Zenith Academy)
– Added a check to properly reset gravity modules in Forbidden Cavern’s room to the right
– Fixed a rare softlock which could happen when triggering an encounter with a scripted cutscene intro while a follower isn’t done bouncing from a graplou strike
– Adjusted collisions on Skybase’s pushable blocks
– Added detection to prevent the player from getting stuck when using the graplou to move up a slope
– Fleshmancer’s Lair: added a check to super prevent the teleporter from being used while camping
– Adjusted collisions in X’tol’s Landing
– Adjusted collisions in one of the Molekin houses
– Sacrosanct Spires: added a check to prevent triggering the sealed entrance’s cutscene while camping
– Adjusted collisions in Antsudlo’s entrance
– Adjusted collisions in Clockwork Castle’s clock tower section to prevent an issue when players could get stuck
– Fixed null ref that would occur when attempting to browse when the level up screen only shows one option
– Adjusted a puzzle in Derelict Factory to remove the player’s ability to lock themselves in and remain stuck
– Fixed possible softlock in Solstice Shrine #4’s puzzle
– Added a check to disable interaction with the world map’s docks while transitioning to camping to prevent softlocks caused by conflicting transitions
– Fleshmancer’s Lair: fixed softlock that could occur with the eyeballs puzzle due to physics
– Fixed an issue that could occur when collision with an enemy while zipping through a propulsion gate (Antsudlo, Air Skyland)
– Trek to center: adjusted triggers to prevent a rare occurrence of bad zoning when jumping down
– Updated level loading code to include more null ref checks
– Fixed a softlock that could occur when an enemy would play its attack animation while in hurt state
– Added a check to prevent duplication of Malkomud and Rockie’s sprites when they both get KO’d at the same time
– Fixed a softlock that could occur when reentering the Golden Pelican after being teleported out
– Infinite Abyss: fixed a softlock in Dweller of Dread’s encounter that demanded a very specific setup and sequence of party composition, KO states, and boss attacks
– Added a check to prevent softlock when an encounter is triggered while the player is zoning or teleporting
– Flooded Graveyard: fixed a crash that could occur when using the graplou specifically on the climb wall in the chapel from the second floor
– Fixed an issue where the paincone projectile could get pooled before reaching its target when running the game at very high fps
– Updated combat management to prevent targets that have left the encounter from checking against damage zones (i.e. fixing a softlock when defeating Romaya with conflagrate while she’s on the bone pillar, who will now instead be properly immune to damage in this situation)
– Fixed softlocks that could occur in certain areas depending on party composition
– Fixed an inventory glitch regarding Antsudlo’s pearls
– Fixed an reported issue where Garl would be remain deactivated when swapping party members before reconvening in the Humble Boast’s Kitchen
– Fixed an issue where Antsuldo could be entered too early, causing an improper state on the big door
– Added a check to update save files ensuring they are compatible with latest fixes
– Retro actively added Cerulean Expanse story artifact to those who missed it prior to the fix
– Reimported text in all languages to include all pending updates

If you’ve not tried out Sea of Stars yet, it’s well worth a look if you’re a fan of old-school RPGs. We called it an “instant classic” in our own review here on Nintendo Life, awarding it 9 out of 10 stars.

Have you tried out this game on the Switch yet? How about this latest update? Leave a comment below.

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