Windows 11 seems to be a break with the long up-and-down cycle of Windows versions.

Usually, Microsoft seems to release a good version of Windows followed by a bad one – see Windows XP followed by Vista or Windows 7 followed by Windows 8. However, after a rocky start, Windows 11 is generally well regarded and relatively similar to Windows 10.

However, not everything will be familiar if you make the move to Microsoft’s latest operating system/ The biggest change – at least visually – is the Start menu and the taskbar.

For years, those elements had always been aligned to the left corner of the screen, with the Start menu/Windows logo on the bottom left, and the rest of the taskbar expanding to the right. Windows 11 changed it all.

On Windows 11, Microsoft decided to shift them to the middle. But it’s very easy to move them back.

How to move the Windows 11 Start menu and taskbar


Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski / Foundry

First, you’ll need to find your way to the settings. To do so, click on the Windows logo, which for now is an the centre bottom of the screen. From the pop-up menu choose Settings, which has a cog-like icon.


Choose Personalisation section

Start menu to the left 2

Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski / Foundry

From the Settings window that appears, click the Personalisation tab on the left side.


Open Taskbar settings

Start menu to the left 3

Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski / Foundry

Within the Personalisation tab, find and click on the Taskbar section.


Open the Taskbar behaviours section

Start menu to the left 4

Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski / Foundry

From the screen that appears, scroll down to the bottom. Click the Taskbar behaviours section to expand it.


Change the Taskbar alignment option

Start menu to the left 5

Adrian Sobolewski-Kiwerski / Foundry

Within the Taskbar behaviours section, the first option is marked Taskbar alignment. Click the drop-down menu and choose Left. The Start menu and icons will immediately shift back to their traditional position.

While you’re in settings, there are plenty of other ways you can customise the taskbar if you’d like.