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We hope you’ve made it through Gothic Classic on Switch because the sequel is coming to the console very soon.

THQ Nordic has today revealed that Gothic II Complete Classic — a port of the sequel to the cult-classic PC RPG — will be launching on the Switch on 29th November 2023. This release will also include the Night of the Raven expansion, which adds an entirely new region to the game, new weapons, skills, enemies, and quests.

Developed by German studio Piranha Bytes, you play as the Nameless Hero, weeks after the end of the first game, where more evil is brewing in Khorinis. More people need your help as you explore the world in search of the Eye of Innos, which will help you save the world.

The sequel improved on multiple aspects introduced in the first game, and in 2003, was nominated for a number of ‘Best RPG’ awards when it came out.

Images: THQ Nordic

Gothic II Complete Classic launches on the Switch on 29th November 2023 for USD 29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99. A physical edition is available exclusively on the THQ Nordic store.

Will you be drawing your sword next month in Gothic II? Let us know in the comments.