Fortnite’s latest summer season is going out with a bang thanks to the new Jujutsu Kaisen event and mini-pass, and Chapter 4 Season 4 is right around the corner to bring us a new battle pass, new storylines, possibly the end of Chapter 4, and what’s shaping up to be Fortnite’s biggest collaboration ever. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about Fortnite Chatper 4 Season 4.

When does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 begin?

Season 4 should begin sometime during the morning of August 25.

Will there be a live event at the end of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3?

If the season is really going to end in the middle of the night US time, there probably won’t be a live event. However, this time could be moved as we get closer to launch.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Theme: It’s heist season!

The first small official tease dropped Sunday morning on Twitter.

It seems overwhelmingly likely that Season 4 will be heist-related–it turns out the Most Wanted event earlier this year was actually part of the plot. But since Fortnite’s plot has been in complete shambles since last year’s Collision event, it’s been tough to tell what’s been going on at any point in 2023. But apparently they didn’t just leave those vaults around because they’re awesome.

Beyond the broad ramifications of the teaser, there are two specific takeaways from the image there. First, this is likely to be a new map location in Season 4. Second, we see the icon for the drum gun in the bottom right–and in Fortnite lore, nobody loves the drum gun more than Midas and his daughter Jules, each of whom has had their own mythic version of the weapon in the game in the past. Jules has also been in the story relatively recently–she helped build the stargate thing on the Citadel two seasons ago.

There’s more to glean about the season from a previous, smaller little viral tease as well. Brazilian influencer Sharshock tweeted on Friday, August 11, that he had received a package from Epic that seems to be some kind of tease for Season 4.

🇧🇷 Recebi um quadro misterioso de um Eclipse Lunar com uma Lua de Sangue! Junto veio uma carta escrito “Obrigado pela adição à minha coleção – Kouji Datura”
🇺🇸 I just received a Bloodmoon poster with a letter: “Thanks – for adding…

— Sharshock (@sharshock) August 11, 2023

Many other influencers and content creators have since received similar packages, and there’s a bit involved in it–these creators post about how somebody stole something from their house and left this crescent moon thing in its place. The signoff, Kouji Datura, is a name–and there are some language-specific variations. On those notes that are in English, the name is instead Kado Thorne. Smells like a battle pass person to me.

Now, about that moon. Those of you who played Fortnite back in Chapter 3 Season 1 will remember that one of the legendary skins from that season’s battle pass was a guy named Ronin. His set of cosmetics was called The Order of the Waning Moon, and his back bling was literally a glowing red crescent moon symbol. So it seems quite possible that this Kado Thorne person could be a Ronin reskin or, more likely, a new Order of the Waning Moon character in the Season 4 battle pass.

Meanwhile, the Battle Royale island is counting down to the end of the season with Slone’s Apparatus–that’s that big cannon-looking thing in the jungle that’s projecting a huge star map in the sky. That map has been growing, and will likely reach its apex shortly before the season ends.

What’s in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 battle pass?

There haven’t been any Season 4 battle pass leaks thus far, but it’s likely that this Kado Thorne guy will be one. And it also seems likely that it’s time for a new Midas, who was a cool crimes guy from the Chapter 2 Season 2 pass. There are already five Midas alts in the Item Shop, though, so if there’s a new Midas on this pass you should expect him to be more than just another light rework.

I would not expect a new Jules, however. Jules is Midas’s daughter, and we just got a new version of her in the current starter pack.

A new Marigold skin might be possible, however. Marigold, from a real money quest pack, is a female Midas equivalent, down to her ability to turn every gun she picks up into gold, and she’s never been remixed before.

Is Fortnite x Lego happening in Chapter 4 Season 4?

Fortnite’s collaboration with Lego is officially confirmed, but the details–and specifically the timing–remain murky. But according to dataminers like Wenso, the Lego collab will arrive at the end of Season 4 like the Most Wanted, Star Wars and Jujutsu Kaisen events brought each of their respective seasons to a close.

But apparently this one is gonna be much bigger than any of these mini-passes we’ve gotten in Chapter 4 so far. When Season 4 launches on August 25, it’ll be Fortnite’s version 26.00. While whole numbers are usually reserved for new seasons, Wenso says the Lego update will arrive in November, and it will be version 27.00 despite not actually being a new full season.

We don’t know much about what will actually go into this collaboration, but one of the central concepts will be a “digital twin” mechanic that will allow you to bring Lego creations from real life into Fortnite somehow–that’s that metaverse we’ve been waiting on, baby!

Beyond that, there’s been discussion of a supposed Lego battle royale island, but there’s nothing concrete here yet, and if the Lego event doesn’t start until November then we aren’t likely to learn much else about it before Season 4 begins.

Is Fortnite getting a racing mode in Chapter 4 Season 4?

There’s been a lot of chatter this year about a new mode codnamed DelMar, which will allegedly be an arcade-style kart-racing mode with full vehicle customization and a separate battle pass. That sounds pretty involved and not at all surprising since Epic owns Rocket League developer Psyonix.

Fortnite Racing Mode Info Recap (Delmar)
The Baseline Info:
– Has a “Garage” Tab in lobby with customizable vehicle
– Currently being tested on Chapter 5 – Season 1
– Has a unique Battle Pass
– Supports Competitive
– Has Time Trials
– Has a Tutorial
The Modes:
– Death Race

— iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey) July 31, 2023

Is this coming during Season 4? No one seems to know about the timing of this one, and so this may not happen until after Season 4.

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