Extraordinary, a British series filled with saucy humour and an ironic take on the superhero genre, is returning for a second season. This is a definite treat for anyone bored with the typical stories about guys in capes.

In usual superhero productions, a superpower is a unique gift, and only a few are blessed with it. In Extraordinary, things are different. Superpowers are common among anybody above the age of 18. Everyone gets them… except for Jen, which makes her a pariah and ruins her career and relationships.

Miserable and frustrated, Jen desperately tries to gain any superpower, even a ridiculous one (most powers in the series are useless or cringy). But will she achieve her dream in season 2? Here’s everything we know about the show’s return.

In the UK, the new instalment of Extraordinary will drop on Disney+ UK on Wednesday 6 March 2024. It will also debut on the same day in the US on Hulu.

The basic, ad-supported subscription for Disney+ is priced at £4.99 per month. However, you can upgrade it to the Standard ad-free tier for £7.99 per month (£79.90 per year).

In the US, you can watch Extraordinary season 1 on Hulu. The ad-supported subscription is available for $7.99 monthly ($79.99 per year). The ad-free package costs $17.99 per month.


Spoilers for the first season of Extraordinary below.

In season 1, Jen desperately tried to find money for therapy that could help her discover her superpower. The cost of the treatment turned out to be beyond her reach, but Gordon (the guy who can induce orgasms with a touch) offered her a loan. Jen also sorted out her romantic life by cutting ties with Luke and committing to her new pal, Jizzlord.

Season 2 will certainly focus on Jen’s therapy in a luxurious clinic. Another essential storyline will be Jizzlord’s past, as at the end of last season he unexpectedly ran into his forgotten wife and daughter. The question is, will he return to his family, or will he stay with Jen?

In the final episode, Carrie made an important life decision. Tired of Kash’s immaturity and lack of ambition, she broke up with her long-term boyfriend. In season 2, both Carrie and the superhero-enthusiast Kash will have to rebuild their lives anew.

Extraordinary season 2 - Jizzlord


The following cast members are confirmed to appear:

  • Máiréad Tyers – Jen
  • Sofia Oxenham – Carrie
  • Bilal Hasna – Kash
  • Luke Rollason – Jizzlord
  • Siobhán McSweeney – Mary
  • Robbie Gee – Ian
  • Safia Oakley-Green – Andy
  • Ned Porteous – Luke

New additions to the cast include:

  • Julian Barratt – George, Jen’s power coach
  • Rosa Robson – Nora, a person from Jizzlord’s past life
  • Kwaku Mills – Clark Carrie’s new work colleague
  • Derek Jacobi