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Update [Thu 12th Oct, 2023 00:55 BST]:

Following a recent anniversary teaser announcement, Bandai Namco has now announced a “big free update” and new roadmap for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

The big free update arrives today and includes a new event, new battle mode, and some additional content. This will be followed by brand new DLC in 2024 adding an additional scenario, more playable characters and other content. It will be followed by even “more” content at a later date.

Image: Bandai Namco

Along with this is a new trailer “Take a Step Towards the Future” which you can check out above.

Original article [Wed 11th Oct, 2023 05:00 BST]:

This month marks the seventh anniversary of the action role playing game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and it seems Bandai Namco might have something special planned.

On the official Dragon Ball website, a new “surprise” piece of key art has been shared. Here’s a bit about it:

“Goku and the avatar are both charging up a Kamehameha, and behind them we can see Trunks with a focused expression on his face and the Supreme Kai of Time!”

The same page then goes on to tease a reveal at a later date:

“What could this new illustration mean…?! Stay tuned for more information!”

— Dragon Ball Games (@dragonballgames) October 10, 2023

This update for Xenoverse 2 follows on from the ‘Hero of Justice’ DLC earlier this year promoting the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and adding characters like Orange Piccolo and some other surprises.

What else would you like to see from Xenoverse 2 or are you ready for a new game? Comment below.

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