VPN services can be extremely useful if you’re a student. They can help to protect your online privacy as well as allow you to watch TV shows and movies that aren’t available in your country.

Lots of VPN providers offer introductory discounts, and some companies have dedicated deals just for students. And that’s exactly why you’re here, of course.

We’ve rounded up the best deals available right now in October 2023, which you’ll find below.

If VPNs are new to you and you want to know more about the benefits, you can read our beginner’s guide to using a VPN, and see which services we recommend as the best VPNs overall.

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Best VPN deals for students

Surfshark two-year subscription student discount


From: Surfshark

Was: $336.70 / £308.57

$59.76 / £58.99
(83% off)

Students can get Surfshark for a better price than the regular discount, with two extra months thrown in on top of the two-year subscription. After 26 months, you’ll be billed at the standard rate, so remember to turn off auto-renewal if you don’t want that to happen.

The monthly price shown on Surfshark’s website isn’t what you will actually pay, as it counts the free months as paid and displays the price excluding tax. We’ve included UK VAT in the price above.

For two years of VPN access this is a great deal. Surfshark doesn’t unblock quite as many streaming services as Nord, but it does virtually all of the popular ones.

NordVPN two-year subscription student discount

NordVPN two-year subscription student discount


From: NordVPN

$73.21 / £68.58
(67% off)

Students can grab two years of NordVPN for $73.21 / £68.58 via Student Beans. We consider NordVPN to be our best all-round VPN service, and this discount is exclusive to students. It isn’t the cheapest VPN out there, but it gives reliable performance.

You will need a Student Beans account to sign up, which is verified with a certified university email address. US readers can sign up here, whilst UK readers can grab the deal here.

As with Surfshark, we’ve added UK VAT to the price here so you see what you actually pay.

CyberGhost two-year subscription

CyberGhost two-year subscription


From: CyberGhost

Was: $337.74 / £313.63

$56.94 / £59.94
(83% off)

CyberGhost is currently offering a two-year subscription with three extra months free at the end.

At this price, it’s a good deal for a VPN service that can unblock a lot of popular streaming services.

CyberGhost has apps for Fire TV and Android TV, too, and lets you connect up to seven devices at the same time. It also has thousands of servers around the world.

Note that we’ve included UK VAT in the price shown above.

You’ll find CyberGhost in our roundup of the best VPN services.

PureVPN five-year subscription

PureVPN five-year subscription


From: PureVPN

Was: $657 ($10.95 per month)

$74.95 ($1.25 per month)
(89% off)

PureVPN’s five-year deal costs just $74.95 (around £62).

That’s $1.25 per month (£1), and you can use the subscription on 10 devices at the same time.

As with all the deals here (and with all VPN subscriptions longer than a month), you pay for the full subscription up front – not per month.

Atlas VPN Premium two-year subscription

Atlas VPN Premium two-year subscription


From: Atlas VPN

Was: $329.70 / £235.92

$49.21 / £40.34
(83% off)

Atlas VPN is owned by Nord Security and is effectively the company’s low-cost alternative to NordVPN.

Its current offer gives you an extra three months on top of a two-year subscription, but they’re not really free if you go by the monthly cost that AtlasVPN advertises.

Nevertheless, this is a decent overall price for a 27-month VPN subscription.

Atlas VPN doesn’t tick as many boxes as NordVPN or Surfshark, but if you’re just looking for the low monthly price, then this deal should be tempting, especially as Atlas VPN doesn’t put any restrictions on the number of devices you can use with the service at the same time.